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Find Your Magic

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Reflective meditations and thoughtful journal prompts for every season help you connect with nature and the magic of the world around you on the path of mindfulness and self-care.

Brimming with rituals, wishes, and enchantments to encourage spiritual growth, the Find Your Magic journal is an illuminating guide to harnessing the Earth’s power for personal reflection. Featuring beautiful illustrations, it reveals how magic can be used as a force for good that protects and promotes our well-being, attracts abundance, and brings about prosperity.

Touching on topics like personal self-care practices and the importance of finding your place in nature, Find Your Magic is organized by the seasons and features meditations and prompts like:

For Spring
In many cultures and spiritual traditions, the cleansing bath is not just for the sweat and dirt of your skin, but it’s a spiritual purification as well. Think of it as cleansing your spirit, energy, or aura. The most important part of the ritual bath is what you bring to it yourself: your magic. Imagine clearing out stagnant energy from your body, washing off the energy of others, and emerging fresh from the ritual.

How will you intentionally cultivate your thoughts and goals while engaging in this mindfulness practice?

For Winter
This is the time of year where the Earth is at rest. Silence and stillness are fundamental to well-being, and they are often undervalued. The quiet—a kind of magical emptiness—is where our brains and bodies can rejuvenate and restore themselves.

When was the last time you cultivated a quiet moment, one without background noise, busy activity, or a time limit that you were rushing against?

Featuring the beautiful and introspective nature creations of Russian artist Selcha Uni (@selchauni, @stars_and_needles), the soothing, dark-toned illustrations will guide your mind to a place of calm awareness where you can develop your magical relationship with the world around you.

The Everyday Inspiration Journals series has a guided journal for every self-improvement journey. Whatever your personal goal, whether it is to incorporate more positivity into your life, or to slow down and find calm, or to hone your spell-building craft, or something else, you will find in this series an elegant journal in which you can record your thoughts, aspirations, and progress. With a simple, easy-to-follow structure, each journal is filled with powerful prompts and helpful trackers to illuminate your way.